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Plan Today…Peace Tomorrow

Most people don’t want to talk about funerals. However, those who have lost a family member recently, wish they had. Planning ahead protects families from having to make hasty, difficult and costly funeral arrangements.

Busy family lives are filled with planning career choices, vacations, children’s education, retirement etc. However, pre-planning a funeral is normally not on most people’s agendas. Funeral planning is just as important to plan as the other phases of life.

Here are just a few reasons to consider pre-planning…

Removes the burden from your survivors
Advance planning provides your family reassurance, comfort, and peace of mind. By making arrangements ahead of time, you make it much easier for your family, by answering all the difficult questions for them. Such thoughtfulness relieves family members of shouldering the burden of decisions during a most stressful time.

Make your own plans
Pre-planning allows you to make the necessary decisions beforehand without untimely pressure and grief. Prearranging provides you with the assurance of knowing that your funeral will be carried out according to your preferences and at a cost of your choosing, while remembering the needs of your loved ones.

Protects the resources of your family
By making arrangements ahead of time, you can protect the financial resources of your family by paying today’s price for burial arrangement. This protects your family against inflation and the rising costs involved with burials. It also means your family won’t be left with the financial burden of paying the cost when the time comes.

Planning arrangements
Consider the reasons for pre-planning and then do the caring and thoughtful thing for yourself and for your family. For more information or to make an appointment with a pre-planning advisor please contact our cemeteries. They will be glad to discuss down payments and monthly payment options that are available.