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A memorial, also known as a headstone, is a family tribute carved in stone or cast in semi precious metal; it serves as a constant reminder of family bonds united with love.
Headstones are an important part of any family's grieving process, and serves to help families cope with their loss. Memorials serve as a permanent record and an expression of remembrance. In addition to their emotional value, headstones are also important for historians. They ensure that lives can be documented decades, or even centuries, after death.
Memorials have traditionally been acquired at the time a death has however, the can also be purchased on a "pre-need basis," that is before a person has died. Headstones for pre-need memorials have the name (or, in the case of companion memorial headstones, names) inscribed at the time of purchase, and then the death dates are added later. Many people choose this option for headstones because they want the peace of mind that comes from choosing the design and style of their own headstone.
Memorials, of course, need to be designed to last the ages, and the sturdy construction of headstones assures just that. Families are invited to visit with the Catholic Cemetery Staff to discuss the numerous design options available.
Designing and placing a memorial that celebrates an individual’s life offers a sense of peace and satisfaction when visiting the grave site.


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