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All work regarding grounds maintenance is done solely by the cemetery staff. Visiting families and friends are asked not to place fencing, memorials, statuaries, benches or plantings of any kind. Additionally, visitors should refrain from decorating shrubs and trees. To ensure the safety of visitors to the cemeteries and staff, we do not permit the following items at the grave sites, cryptAn above ground enclosure in which caskets are placed sites or niche A small recessed opening in a wall within a columbarium or mausoleum where cremated remains are placed.sites: wire, rocks, bricks, glass, pinwheels, landscape lighting, figurines constructed of porcelain, glass or pottery, metal or wood stakes, candles, or any other items that could cause harm to people or equipment. Additionally visitors should never dig holes to place items at the grave site nor should they trench around a headstone or grave. For an expanded version of the cemetery's grounds and floral policy please refer to the PDF file titled "Cemetery Guidelines".