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The Catholic Cemetery Association consists of people, services, resources and programs serving families who wish to utilize any one of our three cemeteries. The mission of the Catholic Cemetery Association is to offer our services to families at a time of need, support after the death of a loved one and resources to families and bereavement groups who wish to minister to those who find themselves in grief. The Catholic Cemetery Association is ministerial in character. The Church provides cemeteries to help people face the reality of death in the context of the Promise of Eternal Life. We encourage frequent visitation and prayer for the dead. By encouraging the visits of family and friends of the deceased, we seek to foster an environment on which love is remembered, hope is rekindled and faith is awakened and strengthened.

The Significance of a Catholic Cemetery
A Catholic Cemetery is part of the identity and ministerial service of the Catholic Church. Upon entering a Catholic cemetery, the Church's teachings about life, death and life after death come to mind. The Resurrection of Jesus gives us hope that we too will share in everlasting life. As Catholics we seek to place our loved ones in consecrated graves to await the general Resurrection.

Commitment of Service
The Catholic Cemetery Association recognizes that the care for the burial needs of the community is a sacred trust. Our cemeteries strive to be a place which invites all to see death as a part of the larger pattern of life and to understand the burial ritual and religious traditions surrounding the death event.

The Future
The primary focus of the Catholic Cemetery Association continues to be the comforting of the bereaved. Our efforts in pre-arrangement will be directed towards the invitation to deal with death in the context of faith. We are committed to making our Catholic cemeteries places of prayer and liturgical celebration. We will make our cemeteries places in which to remember, to heal and to pray. The Catholic Cemetery Association will continue to give perspective and meaning to life, death and life after death.

Throughout our faith journey, the Church is present to celebrate the significant moments of life. Since death is also a part of the human journey, it is only right that the Church be present when confronted with this reality. Just as the human body deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in life, so too should it be treated in death. The Catholic Cemetery Association exists to meet the needs of families in preparation for, at the time of, and following death. A place for liturgical celebration is provided and sacred space is set aside where remembering can be fostered. The Catholic Cemetery serves as a symbol of the extended community of the Church-a community unbroken by death.