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A loved one has died, and some of the first questions that come to mind are, “what to do and how much is it going to cost?” The Catholic Cemetery Association’s Family Service Coordinators can help to guide you with un-hurried, full in-depth disclosure so that families can make prudent and informed choices.

After the initial meeting with the funeral home and parish priest a family should arrange a meeting with the cemetery. With respect to a family’s preferences, personal, familial, financial and spiritual needs, our Family Service Coordinators will explain the services available.


They will explain the major differences between traditional ground burials, above crypt burials, the burial of cremated remains and all their components such as,



The final expression of our faith as Catholics is a blessed and sacred burial in a Catholic Cemetery. Catholic burial has a deep significance because it marks the realization of our spiritual hopes for us and our loved ones. We believe that death is not the end of life but a rite of passage to eternal life; hence the Catholic Cemetery Association maintains cemetery grounds that promote healing and hope.